Consol- Bailey Mine


Farnham & Pfile
Engineering, Inc.


332 Enon Church Road
West Finley, PA





  • Complete demolition of 2 Thermal Dryers

  • Dryer #1, 90' Stack 220' Dryer #2, 105' Stack 280'

  • Proximity to other structures 50 feet

  • 1550 Tons of Steel

  • MSHA 24 HR Employee Training; Consol Daily Risk Assessment; Consol Site specific training.

      Our contract was to demolish Consol's Bailey Mine thermal dryers, including stainless steel stacks and five (5) over head conveyors. Also, several items needed to be salvaged for Consol; such as electric motors, shakers, fan equipment and hoist. The dryers were set cut and dropped in place. Stacks were disassembled using a 250 ton truck crane. The sections were prepared by burning and lowered using a 250 ton truck crane. The conveyors were also dissassembled, using the same procedures as the stacks. After the structures were razed, all concrete foundations and footers were removed. The site was then rough graded.